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Organization Name: Blandwood Museum, Preservation Greensboro, Inc.
Organization Website: www.preservationgreensboro.org/blandwood-museum

Blandwood Museum Mission

The mission of Blandwood Museum is to engage and activate Greensboro citizens and visitors through the promotion and preservation of the house, its grounds, and the stories of all people who lived and worked on the site from 1846 to 1866.

Docent Roles and Responsibilities

Blandwood Museum Docents are responsible for providing a safe and informative visitor experience for those who tour Blandwood Museum. Docents are responsible for interpreting the material culture, architectural history, and social history of Blandwood, including the history of the Morehead family and the over 30 people that were enslaved here.

Docents report directly to the Executive Director of Preservation Greensboro or a designated staff person. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday 11am till 4pm, and on Sundays 2pm till 5pm. Applicants must have strong interpersonal skills, and an interest in social or architectural history, decorative arts, museum studies, education, or other related field.

This is a paid position that must perform the following:

1. Open and close museum according to established procedures.

2. Collect admission fees and accurately record income and visitation statistics.

3. Lead visitors on tours of Blandwood (refer to document Blandwood Docent Manual).

4. Sell merchandise in Museum Shop.

5. Safeguard the building and museum collection while on duty.

6. Arm and/or disarm security system when required.

7. On occasion work special events or provide off-hours tours with advanced notice.



1. Arrive on time to allow for opening procedures. You will be scheduled 10-15 minutes before opening to make sure the museum is well-lit and the main entry is neat and orderly (brooms and other cleaning supplies are found in the front hallway closet).

2. Employees are expected to dress in business casual attire unless the day’s tasks and responsibilities require otherwise, or they are told otherwise by the Supervisor. Employees must present themselves in a clean and professional manner. Clothing should be free of holes, tears, or rips. Clothing should be without offensive language or inappropriate designs. Hats are not permitted indoors.

3. Wear comfortable, soft-soled shoes. High heels are not permitted as they can damage the floor.

4. Do not handle or move items in the museum collection unnecessarily.

5. Stay current on changes to the collection and updates to the historical interpretation of Blandwood (refer to document Blandwood Docent Manual).


1. Notify the Supervisor immediately of any security problems noted on arrival. Before leaving, make sure all doors and windows are secure and the security system is armed.

2. If the temperature is expected to drop below 25 degrees, please leave hot and cold faucets dripping in all restrooms and the Docent Office.

3. Blandwood keys are to be used only during weekend tour hours and normal PGI office hours.

4. Smoking is prohibited inside Blandwood.


1. Accurately record hours worked on timesheets.

2. Docents are responsible for responding to all email and phone communications from the Supervisor.

3. Refrain from using your phone or other electronic devices during tours. Keep phones concealed and on your person during the duration of your shift in case of emergency.

4. Do not use PGI offices (other than the Docent Office) without prior approval from the Supervisor.

5. Visitor restrooms are located on the back porch using a separate key. The staff restroom is upstairs.

6. Food and drink are permitted only in the Docent Office. Please make sure all food items are taken away at the end of your shift. Mice and ants are definitely a problem in a 225-year-old building!

7. Professional conduct is always required while representing Blandwood Museum.


Blandwood is open year-round except for major holidays, a three-day period in November in order to decorate, and the first week of January to un-decorate. Docents are expected to work regularly scheduled shifts year-round, despite school holidays and breaks.

If you are unable to work your shift due to illness or an accident, you must contact the Supervisor as soon as possible prior to your shift. Please remember that it is the mission and responsibility of the museum to be open to the public during our posted hours of operation, when a docent does not arrive for work at the scheduled opening time or misses a shift, we often must close the museum. Thus, arriving late or missing shifts are grounds for dismal. Each docent will receive one verbal and written warning after the first offense; the second offense will be grounds for dismissal.

About Preservation Greensboro Incorporated

Preservation Greensboro Incorporated serves as the only donor-supported organization dedicated to saving the Gate City’s historic and architectural treasures. Since 1966, the organization has worked to preserve historic buildings, neighborhoods and landscapes that provide Greensboro with a unique sense of history and place. As a result of these efforts, Greensboro has developed an enhanced sense of heritage through a series of landmarks, sites, and historic neighborhoods and maintains a vibrant tradition of preservation, adaptive reuse, and renovation.

Preservation Greensboro has several programs that help preserve Greensboro’s unique character and identity by raising awareness of the importance and value of historic preservation and reuse, including informative Walking Tours; Architectural Salvage of Greensboro, a vintage materials recycling program; Blandwood, a National Historic Landmark house museum; the Carriage House, a two-level rental pavilion; and Educational and Advocacy programming through events and publications.

How to Apply

To apply, please send an email with your cover letter and resume attached, as well as your favorite museum, to Kat Hertelendy, Blandwood Manager, at blandwoodmanager@preservationgreensboro.org.

The Preservation Greensboro Incorporated Employee Handbook shall be provided for you as an easy-to-use reference. It explains expectations, rules, benefits, and policies. Read through the entire handbook so that you understand the material covered. Your employment relationship with PGI is voluntary; therefore, there is no specified length of employment. Either you or the company may terminate this relationship at will, with or without cause, at any time. This Handbook is neither a contract for employment nor a legal document.

Hiring Salary Range: This is a part time position. Compensation is $10/hour with no benefits.

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